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"Fast" - miamo81

I still don’t like this fic 2 and a half months after I wrote it, still couldn’t get the ending I wanted (and the wording is so very…uck throughout).  However, see I posted and this was actually me having a good fic day.  God that's sad. 






It was funny how one word.  Four little letters had over taken her every thought. 


‘I want to go fast.’ 


She remembered his voice as he said it, the low rumble, what it did to her could very easily be described much the same way in one of the trashy novels Kendra occasionally came home with, normally just prior to a man that didn’t look anything like the one on the cover. 


Max had restrained herself though, instead she handed off the one thing she claimed to love more than anything else, including her former roommate, of which Max had informed her of many times in the form of a threat that she never bothered to conceal. 


The man who had willingly admitted the most time he spent on a motorized two wheeled vehicle was in an arcade, along with riding mopeds on island vacations, and a friend’s Ducati once around the block.  That man who had just fallen into her arms had been on her bike after a five minute lesson. 


That extension of her soul, under his inexperienced hands.  Simply to make him happy, to be the reason for his smile, an excuse to wrap her arms around his waist without pushing their friendship to a point she wasn’t sure they were supposed to go. 


‘I want to go fast,’ pounded in her head and once more the damn matching clichés from the romance novels wouldn’t leave her alone. 


She had straddled him on a bed, shared a soul searing kiss and now the whole ride thing; it was as if Kendra were telling the story of her life. Not to mention bodily fluids, though she imagined that would probably be termed something, like life essence. 




Fucking Amazing Sex Time. 


Fantastically Astounding Soul Touching


Finally A Second Try


Forget About Systematic Torture


Forget About Sexy Techno-Guy…




Humanitarian versus Human-taker. 


She was made to kill, he was meant to save. 


The world quite simply sucked.


Then those four powerful letters quickly returned.  Fast. 


She had been the one he said them to, not Daphne, not Valerie, not that hot girl that worked the lobby three days a week.  Her.  Max. 


‘I want to go fast.’ 


Five words and she had pretty much handed over the keys to her soul. 


Five words, four letters, nine days and she had pretty much lost her mind because of it.  Enough was enough, Logan was a man of words and she needed one expanded.   




She almost tripped over a carelessly discarded sneaker as she walked into his apartment.  Even in her single minded determination to get that one word defined, she smiled, knowing what a great thrill he was getting at being able to kick off his shoes without having to make a production over the simple act, things he would never again take for granted. 


Speaking of taking…


She continued on in her quest.  “Logan,” she announced herself impatiently as she walked towards the kitchen. 


“Bathroom,” he called back. 


“You decent?” she quickly asked, not sure she wouldn’t charge the door regardless of the answer. 


“What’s wrong?” he quickly emerged wrapped in a plush white towel that fell almost to his knees, leaning on his cane for support.  Those novels of Kendra’s had a lot of words to describe this, but she was focused, glistening chest hairs would not deter her.


“Fast,” she repeated the word that hounded her.


The word was demanding, not impressed, he would have frowned if not feeling so frantic, “I can be ready in a minute,” he went to turn back into the bathroom, to cut into his bedroom. 


“No,” she quickly stopped him, “fast,” she repeated, her annoyance with the word, clear in her tone. 


He turned back with a confused look. 


“Fast,” she parroted herself, angry at him for doing this to her, making it so all she could think about were those damn four letters for a long as hell nine days. 


“Max, I know you’re a woman of few words, but I’m going to need a few more than that.”  He waited a second, but she didn’t speak, a momentary freezing of her vocal cords, which she blamed on the damn implications of those four letters and those glistening chest hairs.  “I’m going to go get dressed before we continue this guessing game.”


He turned and the words could finally tumble out, “What the hell did you mean by you want to go fast?”  Told her she was a miracle and that he wanted to go fast while looking deep into her eyes…


He stopped. 


“Logan,” she curtly said his name, demanding he face her, face the question that had been looming in her head for over a week.


He turned back, his expression guarded.


“Because you know tomorrow came and went and I still-”


The distance between them disappeared faster than he should have been able to move, before she could speak another word because the moment she saw him rush towards her, she once more lost her voice. 


The cane clattered to the floor, he cupped her face as he kissed her urgently, the kiss slowed in its final seconds, pressure lessoned as he prepared to pull away.  “Fast,” he explained in a husky whisper as he continued to cup her face. 


She smiled, “Took you long enough.She lifted back up onto her toes, her hands mirrored his and they didn’t waste another second. 







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grievingmess From: grievingmess Date: January 29th, 2009 12:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
seeing this made my day too =)

Thaaaank you !
mrsevilpigeon From: mrsevilpigeon Date: January 29th, 2009 07:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think what I liked best about this was the way you explain Max handing over her motorcycle, her most valuable posession, just to make him smile. :D

Also, the towel... :D

I linked it over at AURLCO so everybody would get the alert, ok?
miamo81 From: miamo81 Date: January 30th, 2009 12:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you I tried last night to figure out how I was supposed to post there, but I figured since I only saw your name on the front page that you would handle that. :-P

I am so LJ illiterate, it is not even funny. I wanted to make it more AURLCO, but the damn end would just not comply.
geeky_apple From: geeky_apple Date: January 30th, 2009 08:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
It’s just so happy grin-inducing to follow Max around with the ‘Fast‘ stuck in her head, obsessing until she can’t stand it anymore, just going in and demanding an answer and (unlike me) not getting distracted by towel-fluffy, shirtless Logan:-)

And Logan one of heros of Kendra’s Kitsch-novels(weirdly reminds me of that Simpsons episode with novel-writing Marge making Flanders her hero:-), evocating all those clichés and expectations… Yay for SuperLogan!

"That extension of her soul, under his inexperienced hands. Simply to make him happy, to be the reason for his smile, an excuse to wrap her arms around his waist without pushing their friendship to a point she wasn’t sure they were supposed to go."
All of this is great but Max sharing her bike is my favorite observation. First pointing out how particular Max is about her bike, not allowing Kendra to even touch it, how Logan is an absolute beginner… and then her just letting him ride, trusting him with something so important just to make him smile, unable to resist happy Logan. Just perfect:-)

"Even in her single minded determination to get that one word defined, she smiled, knowing what a great thrill he was getting at being able to kick off his shoes without having to make a production over the simple act, things he would never again take for granted."
Such a great side-observation, has this nice feeling of happy, content Logan.

And the ending, I want it on a big screen…
fauxcynic From: fauxcynic Date: May 21st, 2009 05:33 am (UTC) (Link)
How did I miss this when you posted!

This is great -- classic! It felt as if you were writing in sensory images, so you did a great job of communicating how visceral Max's reaction was here -- and oh, from the towel on -- hot hot hot!

Thanks, and sorry to be so late in finding this.
nattyrocke From: nattyrocke Date: October 10th, 2009 12:24 am (UTC) (Link)

Yummy Logan..

Great visual imagery, so much so that Logan and his glistening chest hairs are stuck in my memory.sigh
Well done and please don't be shy......lol
warrior_gypsy From: warrior_gypsy Date: November 12th, 2009 10:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Very nice work! I *loved* your acronyms for F.A.S.T. --Rock ON!-- & I could see Max's struggle with the unresolved definition there. I always felt that eppy was missing something. It's soooo Logan to toss out a verbal enigma like that & then just let it hang! Man can be sooo frustating sometimes! *smiles*

Annnnndddd-- *blush* I can have this-- *thing* for Logan in a towel, fresh out of the shower sooooo-- yeah. Anyways-- *clears throat*

The end --when he does indeed "move fast"-- all I can think was "Damn!" Though, all factors taken under consideration, managing that much coherient thought was a stretch so . . .

Seriously, nice work! Thanks for the excellent read. *cue applause*

-- C.
miamo81 From: miamo81 Date: November 17th, 2009 07:08 am (UTC) (Link)

Your comment

Haha. Thanks. The thought of Logan in a towel does wonderful things to me as well. Haha and with that being said, I just clicked over to your page to see if I knew who you were from FFN and I got distracted by MW.net, next thing I knew I as six pages in and was like, 'Wasn't I just doing something?' Since I can't risk going back to your page, I've got a bunch of stuff up on FFN under RT4Ever, if you're ever in the mood for a little bit more of my Logan, I try to strip him down every once in awhile in my fics.

Thanks for reading and for taking the time to review.
warrior_gypsy From: warrior_gypsy Date: November 17th, 2009 08:22 am (UTC) (Link)

Back atchya--

Hey! Welcome! Good fic is always worth appreciating, & since I know complements mean a lot to an author, I try to be good about them.

That said, I completely understand the bewitching effect MW.net has! Don't blame you for getting distracted by copious amounts of eye-candy. There ought to be a warning posted before entering: "Caution-- this site may cause unexpected heat flashes, drooling, loss of memory, loss of motor function, chronic lust spasms & occasionally your monitor may overheat or spontaniously explode. Keep away from small children and wildly ravenous packs of fangirls!"

If you want a more "Logan"-istic experience, you could always drop by my art journal (whimsicons) -- I have quite a bit of my Logan Cale art up there, including the custom mood theme I designed (what? Me, shamelessly pimp my own art? nah!) but, fair warning, it may produce that same mind-numbing effect so don't visit if you want to maintain coherient thought for any reason.

As for FFN, I doubt we've crossed paths there. See, the deal is, though I love/ship/adore the *characters* of DA, I'm not wild about the fandom "world" itself. I have the hardest time writing about the "post-apocalyptic/post-pulse" world of DA & so, when the scary-brilliant, incredibly sexy Logan Cale "hacked" into my brain cells (as he is apt to do to me), my first move was to take him *out* of the DA-verse & place him in a universe of my own choosing. So, though I've written works with the character of Logan Cale in them, I don't *traditionally* write Dark Angel, or read a great deal of the fic, unless its Logan-centric.

Does this make me a bad fan? Perhsps. But I can't help it. Love Logan & Max, don't love "the world".

As for the *towel* thing, I blame LOGAN for that!! He "hacked" into my brain with this-- this *VISION* of walking in him just as he was stepping (wet & naked) out of a shower & SOMEHOW I managed to commit it to paper WITHOUT it all degenerating to hot sex!! (the paper of course combusted & burnt to a crisp from sheer sensory overload, but that was only to be expected.) Then, a couple weeks before his "birthday", he hacked my brain AGAIN with all this: "Don't you remember that thing where I got out of the shower? What a wasted opportunity that was! You should really rewrite it-- call it my birthday present . . ." then I find THIS on his birthday & it all kinda did degenerate into sex & well . . . what can I say? Now just the mention of "towel" leaves me a little hot & bothered . . . & THIS FIC certainly didn't help! *wink*

See what I mean? He. Hacks.

-- C.
Haunted by a brilliant sex-god techie in her mind . . . er, not that its necessarily a *bad* thing . . .
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